Forget leaking nudes

Leak some lost animation and shows


MTV’s Kappa Mikey Pilot. Same show but more vulgar. Never been seen publically


A superhero take on Sailor Saturn for funsies, kinda reminds me of Hitgirl. 


Another doodle from a little while back of a badass science lady youma from an early episode of Sailor Moon. The villain designs on that show are so great.


ミコッテ(幼年) | Satsuki_废弃兔子 [pixiv]



A friend of mine wants to cosplay as a Fire Emblem version of Link so I did this quick concept for him to work from.


I just coloured this very old lineart of mine. (from 2010, I think?)

I have played Pokémon Stadium and tested the fact that we can slightly change the colour of our pokémons (not from rentals though!)

I nicknamed my Mewtwo ”     ♀” and he was gifted with a red (very Giygas-esque) colour scheme. Try this too, it’s really fun~!


commission for idoodlez! I have to actually do the last 3 tomorrow because my hands are all cramped up from painting all day